Paint The Color of Money

Most Sellers know this simple tip can transform and modernize almost any home quickly. It's usually the most economical solution that encourages a home to sell faster and for more money a fresh coat of paint brightens any room, helps control odors, and makes a home feel new.

Choosing the right color is tricky since paint samples look different in the store versus on walls and in different lighting. It's good advice to have a realtor or stager help select the trending color that is currently gravitating buyers.

It goes without saying, neutral paint colors and smooth patterns should replace personalized touches. Bedrooms (especially those with children), dining, and offices ideally have a consistent solid color throughout. Keep in mind, most buyers want a move-in ready house that comes with no immediate projects.

Our Listing Specialists maintain a list of trending colors if eager Sellers need a starting pint. We're happy to refer a few quality painters too for those in need of a resource. Just let us know.