Home Selling: Our Top 10 Tips

    If you’ve watched HGTV or have been home shopping before, you know buyers are quick to criticize the home’s condition. Visiting buyers want to visualize themselves living in your home and being comfortable. This happens naturally and on a subconscious level. Here is our Top 10 checklist that applies to most home sellers:

    Before You List:
    1. Brighten rooms by using higher wattage light bulbs if necessary

    2. Fully address all pest control issues (ants, etc…); seek professional help if necessary

    3. Check that your doorbell and interior/exterior light switches work

    Daily Checklist:
    4. Make beds before you leave and/or before a showing

    5. Put away dirty dishes before you leave and before a showing

    6. Be absent when your home is shown, if possible

    7. Leave garage door closed. Limit vehicles in driveway, if possible

    8. Open curtains and blinds during the day; turn on the interior and exterior lights for showings at night

    9. For unusually dark hallways or rooms, leave lights on during the day

    10. Remove unnecessary items from both kitchen and bathroom counter tops

    It’s hard work selling your home. Managing all the details consumes a lot of energy. You can reduce the unwanted stress by following a daily routine. These tips ultimately improve the odds your home will sell not only quickly, but for more money.

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