Think About Buying A Home Sight Unseen: 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Purchasing a home without ever touring it is now a common scenario. Whether you live far away or a global pandemic is in play, buying a home sight unseen can be done successfully when you're following certain guidelines. Explore the top 5 mistakes that you should avoid when you're home and shopping from afar. These mistakes can cost dearly in the end.

1. Avoiding Conversations With Knowledgeable Professionals

Texas is a good example of an area with plenty of different properties. Each home will have unique circumstances, such as HOA dues or expensive property taxes. Don't avoid conversations with individuals who know the area. Speak to the real estate agent about the home's details. Seek out the HOA president to inquire about dues, rules, and other details. When you have all of the right information, you can make an educated decision on a home purchase from afar.

2. Overlooking Inspection Details

Pictures may say a thousand words, but they can also be very deceptive. Homes for sale in Austin will have varying ages and wear. It's important to look past any images or videos, and focus on the inspection report. Don't overlook the details on the mandatory inspection either. Inspectors can find many hidden issues within a property. You don't want to end up with a purchase that's full of expensive repairs.

3. Working With the Wrong Agent

You may have a friend who's a real estate agent in your current city, but you want someone who knows the area where you're purchasing a home. Always pick a professional who knows your potential neighborhood. They'll have inside information on the smallest details, from local parks to low-cost grocery stores. Use this person's knowledge to get an idea of the neighborhood you're interested in.

4. Forgetting to Ask About Square Footage

Every home will have an advertised square footage. These dimensions are usually confined to the home's footprint as well as the lot's size. Don't forget to ask about the square footage of each individual room. These values are important because they'll determine which furniture items can fit into the new space. You may be able to narrow down your shopping process with these dimensions alone.

5. Relying Solely on Pictures

Aside from pictures and physical inspections by a professional, your potential home can be seen with other strategies found only in the 21st century. Use technology, such as drone footage or Google Maps, to see a property from a different perspective. You might ask your real estate agent to hold a virtual open house with you on a video call. There are plenty of clever ways to look around a home without physically being there. Use the latest tools to protect yourself when contemplating a purchase.

Keep an open mind as you virtually browse and bid on a home. There will always be small details to tackle as you finally move into the property. If you've done your research well, the details will only be minor ones. Your beautiful home is now yours to improve and enjoy.

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