#KeepingAustinWeird: Austin Kind Cakes

If you are looking for one of the best bakeries in Austin, then look no further than Austin Kind Cakes. This is a bakery that is truly unique. The bakery is dedicated to creating masterpieces that are also delectable delights. This is a company that uses nothing but the best ingredients for its clients, and all of the recipes that are made at this bakery are unique and created from scratch. Some of the ingredients that are used at this bakery are the following: carbon-free raw organic cane sugar, Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla bean paste, and fair trade certified cocoa. There are no pre-mixes that are used in the creation of the desserts at this bakery, and all of the ingredients have no preservatives.

Let's Talk Cake

The cake creations that are offered to you at this bakery are like no other. They are infused with tantalizing ingredients, and they are all created with love. While you are allowed to make some changes and substitutions to your cakes, you will no doubt be thrilled with the variety of mouthwatering options that this bakery provides. They are 18 flavored cakes, and they include the following flavors: caramel macchiato, strawberry rainbow, lotus biscoff, cookies and cream, chocolate strawberry, German chocolate, Italian cream, carrot cake, s'mores, chocolate raspberry, triple chocolate, lemon raspberry, galaxy, rosette ombré, watercolor, galaxy sprinkle, frosted berry sprinkle, blue sparkle. Apart from the main cakes that are offered at this bakery, mini gourmet cupcakes are sold by the dozen. The variety of the flavors vary by season, and they include the following: caramel macchiato, almond amaretto, hazelnut maple, chocolate mint, German chocolate, and strawberry shortcake. Lastly, this bakery tempts you with two unique bundt cake flavors. These flavors are Samoa and caramel peanut butter pretzel.

More about the Bakery

Austin Kind Cakes is a family-owned business. It is a home cottage bakery that specializes in creative gourmet cakes that are full of flavor, and they are dazzling to the eyes. This bakery is a proud supporter of Black Lives Matter, and they are 100% committed to using eco-friendly materials. While the baker of these amazing cakes is able to come up with her own creations, she is also able to do unique custom orders such as beautifully designed wedding cakes and wedding cupcakes. This bakery is located at the intersection of Parmer and Mopac in North Austin, Texas, and its hours of operation are between 9 AM to 6 PM from Thursdays to Sundays.

Get Your Yummy Sweets Here

If you have a sweet tooth that you are looking to get quenched, then this is the bakery for you. Not only will you be dazzled by the amazing creations found at this bakery, but the mouthwatering flavors that flow from the tantalizing creations will blow your mind. Just because you are eating something sweet does not mean that you want to put trash into your body. That is why this bakery only deals with the highest quality ingredients. If you are looking for an amazing bakery in Austin, Texas, then look no further than Austin Kind Cakes.

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