5 Curb Appeal Tips To Attract Homebuyers During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed many business routines – with selling real estate being no exception. We’ve prioritized the top 5 trends helping Sellers command a premium and attract more buyers quickly. Thankfully, most of these tips are cost-effective and can be managed by the Owner or Listing Agent prior to selling. 

1. Keep It Clean Regularly

This one should be fairly obvious, even in the current pandemic; aside from keeping everyone safe from the virus by remaining clean, nobody wants a dirty house (especially when they first step into it). While it may seem like a lot of work, it's best to mop floors, clean bathrooms, and dust shelves. If you need to, you can take this method of attracting homebuyers during COVID-19 by getting any external cleaning services if you want to keep pests out of the way and even help you with cleaning parts of the home you can't do on your own.

2. Never Leave Any House Needs Unchecked

What can you do to make your home attractive during the pandemic? We have a few suggestions in mind (which might feel like extensions to our 5 curb appeal tips). Firstly, make sure that there's no damage from any part of the home, whether it's windows with unpleasant cracks or house paint that feels unattractive. Additionally, make sure that the water pipes and heater work well, so you won't have to leave all the hard work to a homebuyer. Finally, don't leave any of your belongings behind.

3. Give the House a Face Lift

As alluded to earlier, you can easily get windows replaced or house walls repainted before putting your house on sale. Other methods of getting attention from homebuyers consist of giving the house a bit of a makeover on the outside (such as the front and back yards), changing the exterior of your home (especially if it's meant to be paintable, to begin with), and just keeping a welcome setting to your house. It's all about first impressions, which have been important since real estate was a thing.

4. Finetune Everything in the House

You're going to want to have the house feel as new beyond the cosmetics. While it's already mentioned that you should have the heat and water feel good for the new homeowner, there are other methods of Attracting Homebuyers During COVID-19: don't leave the house with unusual creaks and other unneeded attributes; if the cosmetics aren't the issue you have to solve, why not make the doors work well, keep the kitchen practical for those homebuyers who love to cook, and don't forget to have the locks functional so they won't have issues even if they have the right keys.

5. Keep the Lights Bright

The last of the 5 curb appeal tips needs just one task: don't have any electrical issues for a homebuyer to run into so soon. This is especially if you want to be generous and give them a fair value for the house, so always make sure that the lights in every room work, that the electrical outlets won't cause any short-circuiting, and most important of all, try not to get them indirectly responsible for any big electric bill they shouldn't have to pay because of your lack of attention towards the electricity.

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