3 Trends That Homebuyers Will Be Looking For After COVID-19

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 changed a lot about the nature of real estate transactions beginning in 2020. Even after the virus is under control, sellers, buyers, and real estate agents are likely to face a new set of challenges and the need for innovative thinking in order to keep the market thriving. If you’re selling in the COVID-19 era, it’s important to remember that all it may take is to make some smart changes to your strategy in order to be successful.

To help you maximize your efforts and get your property sold quickly at a great price, below are 3 trends that homebuyers will be looking for after COVID-19:

1. Home Work Space

While telecommuting is hardly a new concept, COVID-19 upended the way many people connect with employers and colleagues. So-called “Zoom rooms” are typical for the work-from-home professional these days, and homebuyers will be looking for spaces they can transform into hybrid living/work spaces when seeking a new abode.

2. Outdoor Escape Areas

Outdoor living space is always a hot selling point when it comes to putting a home on the market, but more and more people are looking for outdoor escape areas than ever before. Part of this is due to being cooped up inside all day due to working from home and/or travel restrictions. After spending all day inside staring at a screen, having the chance to relax outside in a backyard or on a porch or patio living space can feel like an indulgent luxury.

3. Clean Design and Inviting Warmth

Even when you’re home and you don’t have to be as concerned about germs, the psychological effects of being mindful of COVID-19 and other illnesses can make cluttered and unclean areas more off-putting than usual. This means that sellers should spend the extra time and effort to ensure that all areas of a home are kept clean, organized, and tidy before listing and during the listing.

With this stated, the idea of clean living goes beyond simply taking care of messes. Instead, it speaks to a buyer’s desire for clean design as well. While you may be used to your home looking a certain way, try to take an objective view of each room’s layout and design. Are there ways you can accentuate clean lines and draw attention to areas that receive a lot of natural light? Could you organize the furniture to make a room feel larger or seem tidy and cozy?

Once again, it comes down to considering things from a buyer’s point of view, and right now, buyers are looking for homes that have a clean and inviting atmosphere.

It’s an Evolving Situation

Although the above trends are hot right now, keep in mind that COVID-19 and all of the moving pieces involved in its management are an evolving puzzle. With an open mind and a willingness to learn from real estate professionals, there’s no reason why you can’t get great offers on your home in any type of environment. Whether people are downsizing after realizing they don’t need as much space as they had or they’re seeking a refuge from large urban areas to spread out and feel more comfortable, buyers are everywhere in the COVID-19 era, and your home could be just what they’re after.

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